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“Why you gotta make it about being white?”

If you have never read The Prophets by Robert Jones, Jr., fix that today, please. I particularly recommend the audiobook edition. Karen Chilton knocks the narration performance all the way out of the park. Plus, there’s this one little detail white folks (like me) don’t like to admit: The book is written beyond our literacy … Continue reading “Why you gotta make it about being white?”

“We’ve Invited the People of Color. Where Are They?”

I believe that transparency is fundamental to Democracy, and fundamental to healthy community building. I hope the organizations who’ve inspired this post will share this belief, as it forms the basis upon which I write the following in a spirit of goodwill and community healing: Last night I attended my first-ever local Democrats meeting. I’d … Continue reading “We’ve Invited the People of Color. Where Are They?”

On Democracy and Our Humanity

For the first time, I’ve gotten involved in a political campaign. Two of them. I’m learning things about the way our “democracy” is systematically structured against democracy though. Can we talk about what I’m seeing? Observation #1: Non-profits are not allowed to support any political candidate. Observation #2: Many cities and towns prohibit political candidates … Continue reading On Democracy and Our Humanity

What’s In a Name?

On the first day of sixth grade, my math teacher proved himself a heretic by suggesting that we arrange our seating chart in alphabetical order according to first name rather than last. For years we’d been sitting next to the same students in every class, every day. This man was a hero. Taught us what … Continue reading What’s In a Name?

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– Dolly Parton, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas