At heart, Brandyn River Gallagher is first and foremost a writer. Keep your eyes open for publication of their in-progress, fictionalized novel about Allyson, a white supremacist cult defector finding their way through life and love in a post-Treaty society. Brandyn is particularly excited to embark on writing for television, with three original scripts currently in the works.

Brandyn has long been a devoted activist and servant committed to the equitable redistribution of happiness. Their voice in addressing the limitations of sexual health resources for transmasculine people resulted in significant improvements to HIV prevention research methods and study design internationally. They served the community through Outshine NW for a two-year season, providing group presentations, trainings, and independent consulting on trans competent care in health and social services agencies. They’re passionate about building community, bridging divides across the chasms of structural inequity, and healing collective wounds.

For two years, Brandyn served as a leader of the WHO-recognized PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex. They formed the Trans MSM: Rethinking Sexuality and Health educational support group now maintained under the gracious leadership of other brilliant, inspiring community builders. Brandyn loved engaging with researchers heart-to-heart in addressing the importance of trans-inclusion in medical science.

Committed to principled improvement from within through unrelenting self-examination, Brandyn now enjoys over-the-road trucking with their dog Max, studying extensively, and writing compulsively. They are intensely excited about life’s opportunities budding on the horizon.

The views expressed on this site are Brandyn’s alone and do not reflect the position of any agency or project with which they are affiliated.