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Here are the articles, booklets, and videos I’ve published:

Informative booklet authored by Brandyn Gallagher in collaboration with Project Inform to provide the most up-to-date, science-based information available for transfeminine people at the time of publication in March 2016, when no publication of its kind existed. Production demand exceeded Project Inform’s expectations by the thousands, sending a clear message to the HIV prevention community about trans women’s need for inclusion in messaging efforts and research studies.

To learn more about PrEP, advancements in HIV prevention, and options for protecting your health and wellness, please ask your physician or visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrEPFacts/ for direction toward more current information.

Brandyn Gallagher edited this informative booklet for Men Who Have Sex With Men, in collaboration with David Evans of Project Inform, updating an older version so the writing became trans-inclusive as of January 2016. The scientific evidence upon which this writing is based was the most up-to-date available at the time of publication.

The AMP Study was a tremendous honor to work on with the people interviewed in this article. This was the first-ever inclusion of trans men in an HIV prevention study. They invited me to co-facilitate “Presence at the Table,” a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training for all staff at the HVTN and HPTN networks. Providing subject matter expertise, training support, and consultations on countless aspects of this clinical trial was an absolute delight. Folks just don’t get any finer than these whole-hearted leaders who embody grace beyond measure.

Direction, Videography, and Editing by Handbasket Productions — with my deepest gratitude for pulling together an exceedingly challenging project with tremendous grace. Writing, Executive Production, and Project Management by Brandyn Gallagher. Funded by Project Inform.

An intimate little glimpse into how I became who I am today.

Where my journey into the world of clinical trials, medical studies, and healthcare research was set into motion like a spooked horse with miles of vast field ahead.

TheBody.com article interviewing iPrEx researcher Dr. Robert Grant of UCSF, and Dr. Raphy Landovitz of UCLA, to parse existing data to discern PrEP’s protective reliability for transmasculine populations excluded from all clinical trials.

Webinar panel with HIVE about transmasculine sexual health in May 2016. I love all these folks and everything they do!


BETA (San Francisco AIDS Foundation)

HIV Equal

Positive Radio Network

Live Poets Society of New Jersey high school scholarship competition, 2005-06

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